Baby Lucas

I’m not sure whether Fresh 48 sessions just didn’t exist when I had my babies, or whether I just wasn’t aware of them. Either way – I wish I could go back and have one! Fresh 48 sessions are a beautiful way to remember and record those very special first few days spent with your fresh baby. I was so excited when my cousin-in-law asked me to come and document her baby’s first hours. Fresh 48 photos are usually taken in the hospital where you’ve given birth – but of course if you give birth at home they can be captured in your home environment as well. The essence of them is to capture those first fresh 48 hours with your baby – which is where the term ‘Fresh 48’ comes from. Babies change so much, and they change so fast!!! One minute their little fingers and toes are wrinkly, and the next they’re not. I always enjoy my time in the hospital being able to witness those magical moments while the family bonds with the baby. It is such a special place to me because that’s where the first memories are made. I loved how big brother Asher looked upon his brother with love even when he would rather be playing down the hall. It was also so special that Lucas was able to have a few memories with his nana as well. These are the moments that will forever be cherished.

If you would like me to capture your baby’s Fresh 48 memories contact me here.

Click here to view my Fresh 48 portfolio.

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