A lifestyle session aims to capture real and raw everyday relationships and connections in a beautiful way.  Lifestyle Sessions are a combination of documentary and traditional photography, naturally guiding you through an activity or setting, all while capturing the essence of you and your family, with minimal posing and additional props.  Whether if we are in your home or at your favourite location my goal is for you to look back on your photographs and feel something, bring you back to a special time you shared with those you love.

Where does the session take place?

This session is all about you and your loved ones. It can capture you celebrating your engagement on the beach or your favourite coffee shop, your family at home or eating ice cream, your newborn snuggled in your arms or in that beautiful nursery, or just you being you, in your home or a location you love! Think of an activity you love and brings your family joy. 

What do we do in a Lifestyle Session?

The aim of Lifestyle Sessions is to capture you and your family in a natural way – not just in a way where everyone is dressed nicely and smiling for the camera. Lifestyle sessions have very minimal posing – although situations will be set up so that we can capture some of the memories you want to freeze in the time allocated for the session. For example, we may capture you dressing your little one, reading your child a story, making cookies together, playing a game together – whatever is real and relevant for your family. If it’s a newborn lifestyle session, we may capture you just laying and looking at your new little baby and their little toes and beautiful features, or we may capture you feeding your baby, dressing your baby, or putting him to sleep. Before the session I encourage you to think about the things that make your family special and let me know the type of things you might like to freeze in time.  In your session just be as relaxed as possible. The aim isn’t to be perfect – the aim is to be genuine.

Do I need to clean the house?

No! Lifestyle is real and authentic, so things don’t have to be perfect. However, I would recommend some decluttering and a basic tidy – you just don’t need to go crazy! Especially if you have a newborn, you don’t want to be worrying about everything looking perfect!

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